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drown the urge for permanence and certainty

crouch down and scrawl my name with yours in wet cement

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angel monster
i am an enfp and a leo (cancer moon, leo rising). my enneagram is seven, the adventurer or enthusiast.

i am into ethical living, bicycles, picnics,
love, revolution, autumn, sunshine.
i nerd out on fonts, bikes, macs, sci-fi, photography, politics,
console role-playing games, new media design, and web development.
i like cooking and eating ethically and locally sourced vegan food, riding my bike,
learning new things, being capable and useful, being impractical and flighty,
figuring myself and others out, doing interesting things, making physical contact,
crushes, kisses, passionate weather, deconstructing and reconstructing things,
making up new words, lyrics like poems, the word "fuck", drinking coffee and smoking djarum specials,
nag champa, cats, ladies, having my mind changed, being there for my friends, honesty,
grocery shopping, waking up early, liberating flowers from corporate gardens,
and so on.
i am a shameless flirt, a hopeless [helpless] romantic, a pseudo-intellectual, an open mind,
enthusiastic about everything, a lover and a fighter, fiercely independent.

malloreigh dot com: my blog, my projects, my portal
flickr: regularly updated streaming photos
adjective, adjective: mediocre amateur photograph-eigh
tumblr: things i find
the glossoreigh: a decodersite of wordliness
mal/music: an infrequently updated index of my music library
mal/recipes: sometimes i make food and it tastes good
last.fm: i listen to music on occasion
twitter: the little things that aren't important enough to spam my lj friendslist with
suicide: vain, vain, vain
flickr dna: sometimes people call me a 'photographer'
google me: or don't
friendfeed: see it all (or most of it)

lj layout gossymer, colours by me
28:06:42:12, accessible social change tools, achievable social change goals, adventures, alternative subcultural anthropology, amateur photojournalism, and so on, androgyny, anonymous confessions, anti-consumerism, anticon, anything by joss whedon, autumn, battlestar galactica, being from alberta, being tough, bicycle advocacy, bicycles, bike activism, bikes, bikes not bombs, bombing broadway, breaking rules, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, campy zombie movies, cbc radio 3 podcasts, cheek to cheek, cheesy sci-fi movies, coffee and clove cigarettes, commercial drive, communal living, converting you to veganism, craft nights, critical mass, cyberpunk, cylons, dance dance party party, dancing everywhere, dirty sexy beats, drawing pictures of girls, dune, dystopic science fiction novels, east vancouver, empowering people with information, ethical consumption, falling into love, fanfiction, final fantasy, fiona apple, firefly, fixed gear conversions, free fonts, freewheels, geeking out, gender ambiguity, gender neutral pronouns, girl bike mechanics, girl love, girls dressed like boys, girls on bikes, girls with shaved heads, good times, graffiti, granville island winter ale, half japanese girls, harry potter, horizontally striped clothing, in-jokes and obscure references, kissing, learning to live privately, lieutenant kara 'starbuck' thrace, lindsay's bed, making out, mittens, neil gaiman, non-euclidean nightmare beings, not relying on consumables, offending super serious people, one less car, penny arcade, people somewhat like me, playing air drums, politics, post-punk, postsecret, punk rock shows, queer culture, queers, racing the 99 b-line, reading banned books, red wine drunk, riding my bike, rilo kiley, road trips, running away, saifuu, sailormoon, seedy dive bars, shoujo ai, shy intellectual women, singing along, skinny girls in hoodies, social suicide, soul-searching, staying up all night, street art, super dykey haircuts, swimming with phosphorescence, taking pictures, talking philosophy while drinking, talking politics while drinking, tegan and sara, text messaging, the dead of winter, the distance between us, the rain in vancouver, the yeah yeah yeahs, this girl i know, ties and sweater vests, tomboyishness, tough girls, uncommoncold, underlined livejournal interests, urban exploration, using dirty four-letter words, vegan everything, veganism, wanderlust, web development, why?, world maps, world of warcraft recovery, wreck beach, writing final fantasy fanfiction, you, ♀♀

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